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A new member arrived in your home, a little puppy or kitty that from the first moment got inside your heart. In few days he or she will own everybody`s heart bringing a new atmosphere in your home. But a door left open by the UPS guy or the grocery delivery boy can change it in a split second. Do you know that over 5 million pets are lost in the US every year and only the 14% makes its way home? Crying over spilled milk is not going to help and immediate action is required but you just realized that you do not have pictures, pet`s documents or the pet is not chipped.


Pet LostIt is a fundamental good practice to take pictures of the pet, maintain veterinarian records and so on. The app My Pet gives you the possibility to keep all your pets records in one place, easy to do the updates and of easy access. In some countries the use of micro-chip as pet identity card, is mandatory and it should be endorsed everywhere; although is not helping to locate the lost pet, is important to assess the “ownership” of the pet.
GPS is another tool aimed to give the constant control of the pet position every moment of the day or all the time that the GPS is powered on. Usually if the pet is leaving the preset comfort area an alert signal is sent to the owner cell phone with the positioning of the pet. This gives the possibility to locate and retrieve the pet immediately.
Face Recognition technology is present for quite some time but only now it started to be available for identification of lost pets. Pictures are fundamental and an app like My Pet comes to be very handy.
Pet Alert organization is another tool to collect information BEFORE disaster struck.
All this tools are useless if you do not set your pet information and you keep updating.
No matter how careful you are, disaster can happen, a door left open by the pizza delivery guy or somebody breaking the window of the car to steal your little puppy: dog-napping is on the rise.
The navigation menu here below will take to pages or places where you can get all the details to the new tools to prevent and locate a lost pet.

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